U N I Q U E   C O N S T R U C T I O N   S Y S T E M S





The award-winning UNICON® building system allows plug&play connection of building com-ponents and installations like water, electricity and sanitary. The system can be used for concrete, wood and interior solutions. 



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Planning Optimization 

Architectual design drawings have already been made?

We optimize those drawings for precast and prefab construction with UNICON®.

Our experiences with UNICON® show that most consultants in the areas of precast and prefab construction put their emphasis mainly on machinery and production methods. 

With UNICON® we can achieve savings in many different areas - those savings are possible due to our holistic approach with UNICON-CONSULTING. 

Consulting means for us:

we support your ideas not only from the component to the manufacturing

machinery but from the architectural design to the manufacturing machinery.

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Overall Planning 

Architectural design drawings have not yet been made?


Our team's knowhow allows for consult-ing as architect and engineer who can conceive of the product "house" in it's full complexity. Today, this includes building services and installation, energy and sustainability considerations of buildings and components as well as the use of sustainable building materials. 

Our consulting team has more than 15 years of experience in the field of auto-matization in residential construction, robotics and manufacturing technology.

We offer to develop your project in all planning phases:

from architectural design, engineering services to manufacturing oriented construction drawings with UNICON®.

In addition, we are a competent partner in the areas of site management, project management and quality management.

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Cost Savings

You want to save costs?



Economically viable construction begins with manufacturing-oriented design and planning and leads to 

rational manufacturing and 


The optimization of modular construction with UNICON® building systems allows for cost savings up to 20% compared to regular prefabricated buildings.


Using of UNICON®:

saves time during construction which has a direct impact on the total building costs.